Becoming active again

The physical exertion of delivery and the change from carrying your baby inside you to carrying your baby in your arms can radically affect your posture. In addition, it can take several weeks for the effects of HGC to wear off. Osteopathy can help prevent injuries occurring as you become active again and reintroduce exercise back into your lifestyle.

Osteopathy for newborn babies and children

After a difficult or complicated birth, newborn babies can sometimes suffer from feeding and digestive difficulties, colic and wind, sleep disturbances, recurrent infections of the ear, nose and throat, or restlesnness and irritability. In such cases, cranio-sacral osteopathy - a very gentle manipulation of the head, neck and spine - can often provide relief.

Birth can be a traumatic experience for both mother and baby. During delivery, the baby's head is compressed and moulded to travel through the birth canal. The bones of the head are designed to flex and overlap during this journey and many of us can bear witness to some of the resulting "odd" shaped heads. After delivery the head gradually un-moulds over the next few days. However, this un-moulding process may be left incomplete, especially if the birth has been difficult, for reasons such as long labour, or the sometimes-necessary use of ventouse or forceps. In cases such as these, cranial osteopathy can be particularly effective. Boniface works to gently release the tension in the baby's body that can cause discomfort.

Osteopathy can help babies as young as a few days old. It can also prove useful throughout their development as they learn to challenge their bodies in different ways - sitting, crawling, walking and so on. Boniface has helped a lot of toddlers, for example, after bad falls and/or especially with ear, nose, and throat (ENT) problems.

"Octave, my two months old son, had a few problems with his digestive system - including serious reflux and colic. Various medications were of no help. A friend recommended we try Osteopathy. The improvement after one therapy session with Boniface was impressive. The reflux eased markedly. A second session helped alleviate Octave's colic. A month later, the colic has disappeared, and the reflux is now just an occasional occurrence. I believe the sessions of Osteopathy with Boniface have made a tremendous difference to my son's health.

Boniface seems to have a special affinity with babies; the therapy used was extremely gentle, and my son actually seemed to enjoy it! I would highly recommend Boniface Verney-Carron to any new mother who is having similar problems."

- Andreea Munteanu-Koenig -

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