Performance Artists and Sports people

Boniface enjoys working with professional sports people, highly trained amateurs and performance artists.

The key to dealing with sport injuries is to understand how even highly trained bodies can be easily struck by injuries if not taken care of. Having practiced Windsurfing, Football and Capoeira at high level, Boniface understands how sports injuries can affect both your body and also your mind.

As a performer, using your body on an everyday basis is very beneficial with regards to strength, flexibility and balance.

On another hand, if we look closer, at a more microscopic level, your joints (ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilages) are being put under an unusual amount of pressure and strain. And since the forces applied to the system are greater, the potential seriousness of injuries is greater.

It is therefore vitally important to make sure your biomechanics are functioning at their optimum, by releasing any restrictions or tensions your system has to cope with. Doing so allows your adaptive mechanisms to adequately balance the pressures in your system and prevent injury occurring.

Emotional aspect of sports injuries

Most people that train intensively or use their body on an everyday basis take its capacity to function for granted. When injury strikes, not only pain but immobility, fear of permanent after-effects, and lack of endorphins can cause depression which in turn can slow recovery.

Boniface understands the importance of emotional support for rapid healing and can help with reassurance, goal-setting, and advice on realistic time-frames for recovery.



Boniface had the great opportunity to work in close collaboration with Chris Mundle, Karate UK/European Champion and founder of Destination Health & Fitness and John Aldcroft, founder of the British Association of Krav Maga.

His work at Destination, a very high standard gym, had 2 aspects to it. One - a close collaboration with Chris Mundle and John Aldcroft, helping martial arts fighters to improve their physical performances and recover from their frequent injuries.

The other - working in close collaboration with their personal training team to help clients to reach optimum results from their training without sustaining injuries.

Boniface now also works at Bombaygymkhana - the most prominent Pilates and Garuda Studio in London - to help members with injury prevention and recovery.

Performance Arts

From October to December, Boniface had the great opportunity to work as the prime carer of the Spanish West End Show, "Flamenka". The physical and emotional pressure the dancers and musicians were under combined with a very intense schedule was very strenuous for their bodies. Working within such a team helped Boniface understand how one injured link could affect the whole group. Boniface made sure he was always available and brought his equipment into the theatre so he could offer treatment and advice on site.

Boniface treating a sportsman Boniface helping a sportsman Boniface treating a dancer

Boniface specialises in the following osteopathic fields: