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Can Osteopathy help you get ready and stronger for winter ?

Dear patients,

It’s a crucial time for us.
We are unconsciously preparing ourselves for winter.
The change of season dictates and rules drastic adaptations in our physiological and emotional mechanisms that are of most importance for the maintenance of our health.

Despite the basics changes in temperature and humidity many more environmental changes will have serious impacts on us.

The lack of sun-light (and therefore potential lack of vit D), the change of seasonal food, the lack of outdoor activities, and the psychological winter “depression” are potentially serious factors contributing to weakening our body immune system, making us much more sensitive to external germs.

But things can be done, right here, right now.

Using the full holistic approach of Osteopathy and Acupuncture as a preventative care can be of significance help.

Let me explain how.

The first key to health is circulation.
We need our immune cells to be able to reach every single part of our body to allow a total and permanent screening for the presence of unwanted virus or bacterias.
The focus here is to enhance the arterial supply, the venous return and the lymphatic drainage.
The GOT (General Osteopathic Treatment) is a strong and systematic manual sequence of rhythmical articulation and mobilisation of the body that will offer the best circulatory effect on your body.
It also includes a Face and Neck drainage, which mixed with specific acupuncture points, will get rid off most sinuses and ENT congestion reducing the risk of recurrent infection.
It’s a very good and none invasive technique for children, that are very prone to ENT infections as the winter wraps down on us.

Secondly, maintenance of good health.

Spring and summer is the time when we charge our body with energy and strength for the 6 months to come.
It is of great value to keep what we’ve gathered and use it as precociously as we can.
Yet, maintenance treatments, focused on keeping the inter-relation between our 3 principals systems (bio-mechanical, nervous system, circulatory) in good harmony will allow us to always use our pool of energy the most appropriately and stay strong all the way to next spring.

Thirdly, Prevention by helping our natural self-healing mechanism.

We all have a few aches and pains from our actively busy summer.
It’s the time to get rid off them.
We have to remember that imbalances in the body, potentially leading to diseases are mostly due to an accumulation of dysfunctions.
It’s rare that just one issue cause the whole system to weaken and get sick.
But yet, despite our body being such precise adaptative machineries, it can be overwhelmed by too many minor dysfunction affecting different parts of it.
Moreover it permanently has to deal with all of them at once.

That’s how after diagnosing chronic or recent dysfunctions an efficient treatment will help your natural self-healing mechanism to be at optimum performance and keep you well and happy.

Remember to stay aware and in tune within yourself and with your environment.

I hope that this note will help to feel more confident that we can help you should you feel the need.

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Stay well,

Yours sincerely

Boniface Verney-Carron

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